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Our Story

We are a small family-owned and operated business in Northern Colorado. We are dedicated to making the finest beeswax products that are a healthy and environmentally responsible alternative to candles made of petroleum-based material. Beeswax burns cleaner and burns longer than synthetic products. Our products are All Natural & Handmade.

Where do we get our Beeswax?

Bee Healthy Candles are made of 100% natural beeswax sourced from farms in and around Colorado. There are no artificial additives, perfumes, or colorants. Just pure beeswax from productive bees. Our candles are made from the honey cappings…fresh, clean beeswax scraped from the tops of the comb cells when extracting the honey. Therefore, Bee Healthy Candle wax is of the finest color you will find. It is a golden wax with a slight yellow-orange tint, much like the sun. Pure, natural beauty!


Why Beeswax Candles?

You are saving the bees of course as they are happily doing what nature called them to do. Beeswax is a much denser material than paraffin so it is slower burning. Also, there is less waste, especially considering whatever beeswax is left over after burning the candle down can be recycled into new candles or other handy uses around the home. When 100% Beeswax burns, it is consumed by the fire of the flame. Other waxes disintegrate into toxic components and are released into the room or melt into drippings. You have virtually no waste.


Benefits of Beeswax Candles

Beeswax burns cleaner than synthetic wax. When your beeswax candle is burning, you are not dumping lots of chemicals or toxins into your environment.

Beeswax candles are reputed to have several health benefits, including:

  • Lower Toxicity: Because beeswax candles are all natural, they do not produce toxic byproducts and heavy soot when burned. Some types of candles produce minute traces of chemicals known to be carcinogenic, but this is not a problem with beeswax candles.
  • Neutralizing Pollutants: Beeswax candles produce negative ions when burned, and those ions help to neutralize pollutants in the air. This helps eliminate dust, odors, and mold in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone nearby.
  • Relaxation: The simple act of burning a candle has relaxing properties and can aid in stress relief and meditation. The mildly sweet, natural honey scent of beeswax candles can aid that relaxation without being overwhelming as artificially scented candles can become.
  • Safety: Because beeswax candles are all natural and produce no byproducts, they are naturally dripless when used properly and are thus safer to burn. This avoids the risk of burns and other injuries that can result from burning other types of candles improperly.
  • Light: Beeswax candles have the brightest, purest light of any candles and are closest to natural sunlight. If the candles are to be used as a light source, this can help minimize eye strain and reduce headaches.


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