Colorado agriTourism Association


WELCOME PRODUCERS!                                                          

We are growers and producers like you and understand the challenges facing people in agriculture. We know that keeping your lands in ag and in the family are top priorities for most of you, and that todays business world is not always friendly for farmers.

We know that you have to compete locally and globally with many other types of businesses for the consumer dollar and respect within your community.

We are here to listen to you, build programs, and provide outreach and resources to help you succeed with agritourism.


The Colorado Agritourism Association is comprised of visitor-ready growers and producers who understand the challenges facing people in agriculture and agritourism. We are here to help you succeed in your agritourism operation. We are concerned with limited liability legislation, reduced insurance premiums, fair land use policies and zoning, improved communication, and marketing opportunities for you, and a variety of other emerging issues. Our board of directors is comprised of seven successful Colorado agritourism producers. Much more information is on our website.



We will be a voice for you in the Colorado legislature, we track industry events, we provide regional educational and experiential workshops, we host and co-host events all around the state, we provide liability signage for your agritourism operation. We are your source for industry news and networking opportunities that will help you grow and thrive.


The Colorado Agritourism Association came about as an outcome of the Agritourism Strategic Planning process initiated by the Heritage/Agritourism Program within the Colorado Tourism Office. After visiting numerous communities, inter- viewing farmers, ranchers and producers, it was made clear to us that an association was needed to represent the voice of the agritourism businesses.

You told us that you needed limited liability legislation, better insurance products, fair zoning and use assessments on lands, improved sign regulations, and finally, help with marketing. The Colorado Tourism Office has many ways for you to connect to their PR and marketing opportunities – many are free.

This is where we come in. The Colorado Agritourism Association is a nonprofit, here to work on your behalf to navigate the legislative process, find solutions to insuring and zoning roadblocks, develop a sign program, and help you develop your business model.


Look at our Join page for more information about the four membership options:

  • Regular Member
  • Vendor Member
  • Non-Profit or Government Member
  • Sponsor


We want to be the leading provider of agritourism support and outreach to producers in the state of Colorado.

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